Thursday, September 11, 2014

Exhibition at the Slow Galerie

Mail Art Exhibition Illustration by Cecilia Campironi

Great news! You will be able to see my illustration 'Librairie' (original artwork) at the Slow Galerie in Paris. It has been selected for the Mail Art Exhibition [Sept. 17th-25th 2014]. There will be about 180 artworks on display - and on sale.

// Opening: Sept. 17th 2014 6:30PM \\

Grande nouvelle ! Vous aurez l'occasion de voir mon illustration 'Librairie' (illustration originale) au Slow Galerie à Paris. Elle a été sélectionnée pour l'exposition Mail Art [du 17 septembre au 25 septembre 2014]. Il y aura dans les 180 œuvres exposées - et en vente.

// Vernissage : 17 septembre 2014 à 18h30 \\

Tuesday, September 2, 2014



I barely got home after my Summer holiday in Poland and I am already back at work, inspiration filling my brain more than ever.

Librairie is my submission for the Mail Art Exhibition set up by Squame and the Slow Galerie. The theme was 'Make a wish'. I will let you figure out what my wish is :)

The original artwork will be available for sale, should it be selected for the exhibition at the Slow Galerie in Paris.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Shop announcement

frise 1 stainolopa

I have gone to a far-off land where Inspiration will embrace me. As for the shop, it will reopen on September 1st 2014. To contact me try to send me an email to, or send a message via Twitter / Facebook. Where I am it is quite arduous to log onto the Internet. See you soon. Sincerely. A.S.

frise 2 stainolopa

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

An addendum to the post 'The legend about Kościół Mariacki's towers'

Knife used to kill his brother sketch

You may remember the post The legend about Kościół Mariacki's towers, or not - then read it, I promise it is enthralling. Towards the end of the last paragraph there is written "he was standing by the window and shouted outloud that he was the murderer, showing the knife which he had used to kill his brother. Then, he used the very same knife to stab himself [...]". Well, for those who are still sceptical, let me show you the murder weapon. I have made you gasp, haven't I? Do you believe me now? ;)

Knife used to kill his brother

It is said that following the terrible events the decision was made to hang the knife up on the walls of the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) for everyone to see. Still today, you can spot it on the left field of the Cloth hall facing the church.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

See you soon July.

As July gives way to August, and as I am slowly packing my things for my trip to Poland, I'd like to offer free shipping in my shop. Just because I am happy.

Enter the coupon code SEEYOUSOON07 at the checkout. You have until Monday.


*Free shipping applies also to the postcards listed here Just drop a line if you want some.


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